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Welcome to your new salon home!

Your first visit will start as soon as you schedule your reservation below! Don't forget to bring your inspiration photos because they speak volumes, and WE LOVE THEM!

Upon your arrival, you will pull into our shopping plaza and go through the double doors in the center and come right the upstairs.  You will be immediately greeted by a member of our team.  We'll take your jacket (if you're wearing one) and offer you a beverage of your choice while you fill out your intake form. 


Once complete, you'll be escorted by one of us to the styling area where we will thoroughly discuss the needs & wants for your hair.  (We will most likely ask you questions that you haven't been asked before, but don't will know all the answers!) We will go over any and all options and come up with a plan, not just for this visit, but for the future of your hair.  


Color Services

We will custom formulate your shade & put it in our electric color mixer to perfectly whip your color to the optimal consistency and temperature while we gather our tools for your service.  Once the application is complete, you'll be guided to our processing area to enjoy some time catch up on some gossip reading or check in on your emails or texts.

Hair Extension Services

You will see your display of your soon-to-be new hair ready to be applied!  You'll be with me from anywhere from 1-4 hours so be sure to bring your favorite book or laptop to work while getting your new look!  It truly is one of the greatest times to multi-task! 

While processing or having your extensions applied...


you will be offered treats to nibble on and/or lunch, and it will be delivered by our favorite guys who own the pizzeria/restaurant in our plaza.

Your service will conclude with a precision haircut & style that you will be able to keep for days without washing (and a mini-lesson on how to replicate it)! 

New Guest Scheduling


To schedule a HAIRCUT, please select New Guest Block 1 under "Cut."  This will block a

1 hour appointment time and includes your blowdry/style, starting at $95.

To schedule a ROOT TOUCH UP & HAIRCUT, please select New Guest Block 2 under "Color Services." This will block a 2 hour 15 min appointment time starting at $190.

To schedule for a HIGHLIGHT & HAIRCUT, please select New Guest Block 3 under "Color Services." This will block a 2 hour 30 min appointment time starting at $260.

To schedule a KERATIN TREATMENT, please select New Guest Block 4 under "Smoothing."  This will block a 3 hour appointment time starting at $350.

To schedule a BALAYAGE with/without a HAIRCUT/STYLE, select New Guest Block 5 under "Color Services." This will block a 3 hour 30 min appointment time starting at $375.

To schedule a complimentary CONSULTATION, select New Guest Consultation under "Consultation."

We hope to see you soon because we can't wait to meet you!

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