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Blonding & Balayage Services

From pops of blonde to bombshell, we're here for you! Going lighter can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be! All blonding services are performed with the main objective of keeping your hair healthy while achieving your desired results...sometimes that means over a few visits!

Check out the options below for the results you're looking for or schedule a consultation to go over the options with a stylist in person.

**These services do not include a haircut or blowdry but they can be added to any option.

If you are looking for lighter pieces to appear to grow from the scalp, these next 3 services are for you! You can choose any stylist from our team for these services.  Please skip to the next section for services not to the scalp.

Mini Highlight

$125 +

Great for those who are looking for pops of lighter pieces that appear to be coming from the scalp (any color lighter than what they currently have).  It can be either around the face only or scattered across on the top to break up an existing one color all over look. It can be very subtle or super noticeable. This is also perfect for someone who is getting highlights for the first time to ease into it.

Partial Highlight

$195 +

This is for those wanting an overall lighter feel by having the lighter shade appear to be growing from the scalp but still keeping some of the natural color between the those pieces.  The underneath closest to the neck will still be the natural color and will appear darker when the hair is in a ponytail.  Perfect for those who are already blonde looking to touch up their new growth since their last highlighting service. Does not include the underneath near the hairline.


Full Highlight

$270 +

For those who want to start the process of going lighter or refreshing their already blonde hair by adding the lightness back to the root as if it is growing out of the head.  It will include the hair underneath that shows when the hair is in a ponytail.

These next services are for you if you do NOT want your lighter pieces to go all the way up to the scalp or if you want them to start away from your roots. You will see Rachel or Lauren for these services. 

Classic Balayage

$300 +

This is hand painted pieces through all of the hair that will be lighter than the current color but keeping natural pieces throughout.  Typically, it is more of a "sun-kissed" appearance (think of a young girl who's hair was naturally lightened overtime by the sun).  

Power Blonding

$375 +

This is for those looking to have all the ends of the hair overall blonde or lighter with a darker color near the root.  The blonde will not go to the scalp and it will appear to be already grown out.

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