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Specialty Services

Hair Extensions

We are proud to offer tape-in & fusion extensions!  Juli is our resident extensions specialist and will provide you with the very best options, products, and service to provide a customized experience for every budget and desired result.  Due to the variety of options, we require a complimentary consultation (30-minutes) so that we can provide you with a personalized quote.

Fusion Extensions

  • Longer application time

  • Flexible sections for 360 degree movement (like a jump rope)

  • Easy daily maintenance

  • Uses a keratin protein bond with heat to secure

  • Both options for length & thickness for fine to medium hair

  • Maintenance appointments approx. every 4 months.

Tape-In Extensions

  • Quickest application & removal time

  • Flush to the scalp & 180 degree movement (up & down)

  • Easy daily maintenance.

  • Uses medical grade adhesive to attach to natural hair.

  • Great for length & thickness for fine, medium, and thick hair

  • Maintenance appointments approx. every 6-8 weeks

Technique Overview


Calligraphy Cut

The calligraphy cut is not a specific haircut, but rather your desired haircut performed with a special tool called a calligraphy pen that is blade based.  It's used to make the perfect cut which seals the ends of your hair for more shine and a longer lasting result, which means haircuts are needed less frequently. It makes FINE HAIR FEEL MORE FULL by increasing the surface area of each strand by 200%, and it makes THICK, HEAVY HAIR FEEL LIGHT AND AIRY by creating added movement with each cut.


**There are only 500 certified stylists in the US and we have 2 of them! 

Magic Sleek

Magic Sleek is an innovative straightening treatment used for results lasting up to 6 months.  It straightens and strengthens all hair types while locking in moisture and restoring shine. It allows for easy styling of frizz free, smooth, straight hair with minimal effort.

It can take 3-4 hours depending on the thickness and/or length of the hair, and it's best paired with a refreshing color service to maintain the true shade of the desired color.

American Wave

An American Wave is a modern type of perming service that can be used color-treated and natural hair to create soft, natural-looking waves and curl patterns and offers the creation of texture that will last at least 3 months. It adds volume and density to limp or fine hair for a longer lasting blowout. It can also be customized to marry straight and wavy textures to create the sexy, tousled beach waves or enhance curls with texture expansion for maximum fullness. The choice is yours!

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