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What is a Calligraphy Cut?


The Cut

A calligraphy cut is not a specific haircut, but rather your desired haircut performed with a special tool called a calligraphy pen that is blade based.  It's used to make the perfect cut which seals the ends of your hair for more shine and a longer lasting result, which means haircuts are needed less frequently.

The Benefit

It makes FINE HAIR FEEL MORE FULL by increasing the surface area of each strand by 200%, and it makes THICK, HEAVY HAIR FEEL LIGHT AND AIRY by creating added movement with each cut.

The Inspiration

Diagonally cut flowers have a larger surface area, can absorb moisture and stay healthier longer.  This is the secret of freshness, which allows for healthier hair for a longer period of time.

**There are only 500 certified stylists in the US and we have 2 of them! Juli & Rachel are our certified in house stylists!

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