I’m Rachel.  It’s very nice to meet you! When I am not  in the salon you can find me at the beach or going on a hiking trail with my boyfriend, Ryan! I am one proud firefighter girlfriend! I am also an animal lover!  I rescued a pit bull named Bandit and he thinks he's a lapdog! I am an avid coupon shopper, and I love a good bargain! My iced coffee is my favorite meal of the day and, sometimes, I forget that I wasn’t born with pink hair because it seems so natural to me.

From a young age, I always had a passion for a beauty! I found something beautiful in everything that I came in contact with! If it wasn’t me cutting my shih tzu’s hair,  or putting scrunchies in my pop pops Afro (LOL) I was cutting my own bangs and washing the evidence down the drain ! Hehe Another reason I love this industry is because your hair is a one size fits all type of deal! When I look at someone I don’t see size, just their hair & that’s the beauty of being a hair dresser!

“When you are feeling  inadequate or upset, straighten your crown, remember whose daughter you are!” This is something that my mother instilled in me at a very young age.  I never believed I could pursue this as a career, but my mom encouraged me to go to beauty school.  She saw the love that I had for it… And I owe my career all to her!

I have always said that your hair is the crown that you can never take off! Since my mom’s passing, I honor her by adjusting all of the crowns on people that I meet. It gives me such an amazing feeling to empower women, motivate them to see their greatest potential, and to ensure that they are never alone in life.

Your hair is 90% of your selfie, and it is my honor to make you feel on top of the world with your new hair style because you deserve it ! If you’re ready to feel like the queen that you are, schedule your appointment with me now!  I'm looking forward to meeting you!