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I'm Rachel

It’s very nice to meet you! I've been with Salon 1100 since 2013. I have a passion for highlighted, hand-painted, foilyage, teasylight, and babylight blondes! Going lighter while keeping your hair strong is my number 1 priority!


When I am not  in the salon you can find me anywhere outside working on a tan or even at the gym lifting weights, (you won’t catch me near a treadmill! The only running I do is to a really good sale !) I am a proud firefighter girlfriend to my boyfriend, Ryan, for 8 years & counting! I am a dog mom to my cocker spaniel mix, Shelby!


Unfortunately, I am newly learning how to navigate life without both my parents and along that journey, I have seen a new perspective on life & that life is so fragile.  It also has taught me the importance of self help, self love & self well as prioritizing my own health & putting myself first. 


One of the biggest reasons I love this industry  is because your hair is a one size fits all type of deal! When I look at someone I don’t see size, just their hair...that’s the beauty of being a hair dresser! At a young age I was bullied because of my weight & it made me even more fascinated with hair because that was something no one picked on me for. 

I have always said that your hair is the crown that you can never take off!   Since my mom's passing, I honor her by adjusting all of the crowns on people that I meet. While it didn't bother my mom that she lost her hair to cancer, it bothered me because I know the power and confidence that hair brings to someone.  It gives me an amazing feeling to empower other women, to motivate them to see their greatest potential, and to ensure that they are never alone in life.


Your hair is 90% of your selfie, and it is my honor to make you feel on top of the world with your new hair style because you deserve it ! If you’re ready to feel like the queen that you are, schedule your appointment with me now!  I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Rachel is best know for her blonding and smoothing services.

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