Salon 1100

Meet the Team
@ Salon 1100!

Yup! You're seeing this right! We've expanded!

Salon 1100 Team

Juli & Rachel have been working together for over 8 years now and can just about read each other's minds! 2022 welcomes new faces, Sophie & Lauren!

They work seamlessly together as the ultimate definition of the word team, making sure the guests' needs & wants are always the number one priority!

They give you the feeling, even when you just meet them, like you've known each other for years!  Their sense of humor is light hearted and their laughs are contagious. 


They love a good 80's tune & country music and don't mind a good old fashioned sing along!  They love what they do and the connections they make with each and every guest.

No need to get all dolled up, come as you you're going to your BFF's house to catch up on what's new and exciting in your life!

Come on in, stay awhile!