Hey There!

I'm Juli & I'm super excited to get the opportunity to introduce myself!

Growing up a PK, (preacher’s kid for those who haven’t heard that before), I was taught to always be kind and do the right thing, especially when no one is watching.  It made me become a major people pleaser and perfectionist so as not to disappoint.  It allowed me to always be open to critique and willing to learn & grow.


My career as a hairstylist started in 2007 when I realized that college wasn't going to get me the dream job that I desired.  While most people think of doing hair as more hands-on and creative, I was able to embrace my inner mathlete & chemistry enthusiast to use precision & accuracy to create consistency in all of my work.  I have learned to be a great listener in order to understand the true needs of each guest to ensure each person leaves happier than when they arrive. 


Moving a lot as a kid, being a boy mom, and being the wife of a firefighter, my fast-paced lifestyle is consistently inconsistent.  I work well under pressure so I'm always up for a challenge!  This also helps me to embrace change and get excited when clients want to change it up!  With new looks & styles, comes the opportunity to teach proper care & styling techniques for easy, low at-home maintenance hair all year long!


My parents met hitch-hiking, so I believe in fate bringing people together for a reason.  If you are ready to take the leap of faith and put your trust in a new stylist, schedule your appointment or consultation with me today!  Let’s see where our journey takes us.  I can’t wait to hear from you!