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Service Menu & Pricing

These services are for those who have seen us before. Please use this menu to learn more about our services. 

If you know your services, click HERE to schedule now! If you're unsure, please don't hesitate to contact us!

We're happy to help!


Each service is a la carte so please choose ALL services when scheduling online.

Root Touch Up

$115-$135 (1-2 hours)

This is for those with less than 1/2 inch of new growth from the root from a previous single shade. The new growth will match the ends of the hair.  This is perfect for gray coverage. Optional haircut &/or blowdry/style add-on available.

All Over Color

$115-$190 (1-2.5 hours)

This is for those expecting a single shade from root to end that matches or is darker than their current color.  Includes a root touch up and complete coverage of the ends of hair for a consistent color and added shine. Optional haircut &/or blowdry/style add-on available.

Hair Extensions

Based on In-Person Complimentary Consultation

We are proud to offer hair extensions for all hair types.  We will provide you with the very best options, products, and service to provide a customized experience for every budget and desired result.  Due to the variety of options, we require a complimentary consultation (30-45 minutes) so that we can provide you with a personalized quote.

Please click HERE for more information on our techniques.


$350-$450 (2-4.5 hrs)

Adding or removing frizz & waves for the ease of styling and manageability can cut down on your "getting ready" time significantly.  We aim to make that as minimal as possible! With customizable treatments, let us find your perfect match! Optional haircut &/or blowdry/style add-on available.

Please click HERE for more information on our options.

Mini Highlight/Face Frame

$185-$200 (2-2.5hrs)

Great for those who are looking for pops of lighter pieces that appear to be coming from the scalp (any color lighter than what they currently have).  It can be either around the face only or scattered across on the top to break up an existing one color all over look. It can be very subtle or super noticeable. This is also perfect for someone who is getting highlights for the first time to ease into it. Includes a toning gloss if needed and optional haircut &/or blowdry/style add-on available.

Partial Highlight

$195-$290 (2-2.5 hrs)

This is for those wanting an overall lighter feel by having the lighter shade appear to be growing from the scalp but still keeping some of the natural color between the lighter pieces.  The underneath closest to the neck will still be the natural color and will appear darker when the hair is in a ponytail.  Perfect for those who are already blonde looking to touch up their new growth since their last highlighting service. Does not include the underneath near the hairline. Includes a toning gloss if needed and optional haircut &/or blowdry/style add-on available.

Full Highlight

$270-$415 (3-3.5 hrs)

For those who want to start the process of going lighter or refreshing their already blonde hair by adding the lightness back to the root as if it is growing out of the head.  It will include the hair underneath that shows when the hair is in a ponytail.

These next services are for you if you do NOT want your lighter pieces to go all the way up to the scalp or if you want them to start away from your roots. Includes a toning gloss if needed and optional haircut &/or blowdry/style add-on available.


$300-$450 (2-3 hours)

This is hand painted pieces through all of the hair that will be lighter than the current color but keeping natural pieces throughout.  Typically, it is more of a "sun-kissed" appearance (think of a young girl who's hair was naturally lightened overtime by the sun). Includes a toning gloss if needed and optional haircut &/or blowdry/style add-on available. 


Conditioning Treatments

$25-$40 (5-30mins)

Need additional moisture, protein, or smoothing benefits? Let's choose a treatment that's suitable for you! Optional haircut &/or blowdry/style add-on available.

K18 Repairing Treatment

$40 (15 mins)

Repairing the structure of the hair from the inside out.  Can be added to any service at time of appointment. 

Calligraphy Cut with Blowdry/Style

$165 (1 hour)

A calligraphy cut is not a specific haircut, but rather your desired haircut performed with a special tool called a calligraphy pen that is blade based.  It's used to make the perfect cut which seals the ends of your hair for more shine and a longer lasting result, which means haircuts are needed less frequently. It makes FINE HAIR FEEL MORE FULL by increasing the surface area of each strand by 200%, and it makes THICK, HEAVY HAIR FEEL LIGHT AND AIRY by creating added movement with each cut.


**There are only 500 certified stylists in the US and we have 2 of them! Juli & Rachel are our certified stylists!

Please click HERE for more information and details.

$60-$75 (15-30mins)

For those who have had their color or highlights done within 6-8 weeks and would like their color adjusted as a result from fading from the sun or washing.  This is for those that feel their color looks "brassy, washed out, or dull." This is not for those looking to add any lighter or blonde pieces or to make the hair "brighter." Optional haircut &/or blowdry/style add-on available.

Shampoo w/ Blowdry/Style

$55-$75 (30-45 mins)

A cleansing shampoo before the blowout/style to be sure you're ready with smooth & sleek or big & bouncy hair!

Precision Haircut with 

$95-$135 (Varies By Stylist) - (45mins-1hr)

Woman’s classic or Razor cut

For those looking for a trim to maintain the length, an overall reshaping, or even a drastic change with their haircut/style.  It will clean up the ends and also give your hair a little motivation to grow! Typical timing is 4-8 weeks between visits. Includes a blowdry/style.

Color Corrections

Based on a Complimentary In-Person Consultation

Have a hair emergency or recent not so great results? Schedule a consultation to come up with a plan!

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