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Color & Cutting Services

Personalized color & precision cutting services to meet your needs and how it relates to your hair goals and lifestyle.

All color services are to match or go darker than your current shade. You can choose any stylist from our team for these services.
Looking to go lighter? Please see our Blonding Services page.

Root Touch Up

$115 +

This is for those with less than 1/2 inch of new growth from the root from a previous single shade. The new growth will match the ends of the hair.  This is perfect for gray coverage. Optional blowdry/style add-on available.

All Over Color

$175 +

This is for those expecting a single shade from root to end that matches or is darker than their current or color.  Includes a root touch up and complete coverage of the ends of hair for a consistent color and added shine. Optional blowdry/style add-on available.



$60 +

For those who have had their color or highlights done within 6-8 weeks and would like their color adjusted as a result from fading from the sun or washing.  This is for those that feel their color looks "brassy, washed out, or dull." This is not for those looking to add any lighter or blonde pieces or to make the hair "brighter." Optional blowdry/style add-on available.

All precision cuts include a blowdry style. 
Blowdry/styles are also available as a stand alone services.

Woman's Classic or Razor Cut

$95 -$125

For those looking for a trim to maintain the length, an overall reshaping, or even a drastic change with their haircut/style.  It will clean up the ends and also give your hair a little motivation to grow! Typical timing is 4-8 weeks between visits. Includes a blowdry/style.

Woman's Calligraphy Cut

$155 +

A calligraphy cut is not a specific haircut, but rather your desired haircut performed with a special tool called a calligraphy pen that is blade based.  It's used to make the perfect cut which seals the ends of your hair for more shine and a longer lasting result, which means haircuts are needed less frequently. It makes FINE HAIR FEEL MORE FULL by increasing the surface area of each strand by 200%, and it makes THICK, HEAVY HAIR FEEL LIGHT AND AIRY by creating added movement with each cut.


**There are only 500 certified stylists in the US and we have 2 of them! Juli & Rachel are our certified in house stylists!


Men's Classic or Clipper Cut

$45 +

Longer and shorter styles alike, 30 mins is all you'll need to get cleaned up and feel like yourself again.  All men's cut include a nourishing shampoo, scalp massage, and styling.  Juli and Lauren our men's stylists.

Kids & Teens are considered standard pricing by the age of 15.
All stylists are available for girls cuts. Juli & Lauren are our dediated boys stylists.

Children's Haircut (under 10)

Boys & Girls (30 mins)
$55 +

All children under 10 years old. Includes product styling for boys and a braid for girls.  Blowdry/curls could be an additional cost if timing goes longer than 30 mins.

Junior's Haircut (ages 10-14)

Boys (30 mins) $55 +
(45 mins) $85+

Boys & Girls ages 10-14. Includes product styling for boys.  Blowdry/styling will be done for girls but could result in additional cost for those with longer, thicker hair that require more time.

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